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20 NFL Players Arrested In 120 Days Since Lockout Began

Back in May Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis predicted crime would rise if the NFL lockout didn’t end soon.

A lot of people laughed off what Lewis had to say as hype from a player wanting the lockout to end soon, but his words are starting to look prophetic.

Do this research if we don’t have a season," he told ESPN. "Watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game,

The Sporting News just published the names of 19 (now 20) NFL players who have been arrested in the 120 days since the owners locked the players out, as they try to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement.

During the lockout there can’t be any contact between the the teams and players. And while no games have been missed yet some players obviously need more structure, even in the off season. Normally teams would have had organized team activities by now. Also players would have been allowed to rehab injuries and workout at team facilities. With those options unavailable players have been left on their own, and some have made bad decisions.

There is some good news on the horizon. The owners and players appear closer than ever to ending the longest ever work stoppage in league history.

The two sides will continue to negotiate a new CBA this week.

Check out the list of NFL players who have been arrested since the lockout began on March 12.


13th: Vikings CB Chris Cook (brandishing a handgun)

17th: Raiders OT Mario Henderson (carrying a concealed weapon)

19th: Cowboys DB Bryan McCann (public intoxication)

25th: Packers DL Johnny Jolly (drug possession)

25th: Eagles OT Jason Peters (disturbing the peace)

30th: Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon)


3rd: Raiders WR Louis Murphy (drug possession)

4th: Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel (felony theft)

12th: Titans WR Kenny Britt (eluding police, obstruction)

19th: Falcons S William Moore (speeding, driving with suspended license)


6th: Chargers LB Antwan Applewhite (drunken driving suspicion)

10th: Buccaneers DE Alex Magee (marijuana possession)

22nd: Bears RB Garrett Wolfe (theft, disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer, resisting arrest with violence)


8th: Titans WR Kenny Britt (resisting arrest)

9th: Colts RB Javarris James (drug possession)

16th: Packers CB Brandon Underwood (disorderly conduct)

17th: Seahawks DE Raheem Brock (theft, resisting arrest)

19th: Eagles LB Akeem Jordan (assault and battery)


9th: Steelers WR Hines Ward (drunken driving)

**UPDATE** 20th Player Arrested

10th:  Bengals CB Adam “Pacman” Jones (disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest)

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Lebron James “congrats” the Dallas Mavs on kicking his ass in the NBA Finals

Lebron James “congrats” the Dallas Mavs on kicking his ass in the NBA Finals

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Possible Mavericks target? Deron Williams visits Dallas locker room after Game 5 

Ramon Sessions says he’ll likely seek a trade out of Cleveland if the Cavaliers do as expected and use the first pick in this month’s draft on point guard Kyrie Irving.

Sessions shared time with Baron Davis after the veteran guard joined the Cavaliers following a deadline deal with the L.A. Clippers, and says he wants no part of a three-man rotation at point guard.

“‘Obviously something has to give,” said Sessions’ agent Chubby Wells. “I don’t see how they can keep all three of those guys.”

Irving will likely be the No. 1 pick in the draft, with Cleveland expected to send Sessions or Davis elsewhere this off-season

(Source: ESPN)

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Magic Johnson trashes Peter Vecsey on Twitter

Hall of Famer Magic Johnson takes to Twitter to bash New York Post columnist Peter Vecsey. Posted by Ben Golliver

Boy, it’s been a tough week for New York Post NBA columnist Peter Vecsey.

First, Vecsey was sued for libel by an ESPN writer upset with something he had written about the Carmelo Anthony trade negotiations with the New York Knicks last winter. 

Then, Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA legend Magic Johnson took to Twitter to bash Vecsey, who used to appear on NBC’s television broadcasts of the NBA.

"Is Peter Vecsey still on TV? That’s right, no, because he wasn’t very good.

"For those of you who don’t know, Peter used to be a powerful figure in the NBA back in the day, but now he’s the low man on the totem pole."
What prompted these comments? We can’t be totally sure, but a recent Vecsey column included a shot at Johnson.
A former player finds it unreal for Magic Johnson to go an entire Finals as an ABC analyst without offering the slightest insight whatsoever. “I assume he remembers something about the game.”

Somewhat improbably, both men are correct here. 

Johnson isn’t particularly insightful or engaging in his NBA analysis these days. Sure, he’s still got the Magic charisma, but he’s not dropping knowledge bombs left and right. 

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Yankees keeping an eye on Carlos Zambrano

ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine reports that the Yankees recently sent some top advisers to watch Carlos Zambrano pitch.

With a 4.50 ERA this year, $28 million owed to him through the end of next season and a volatile reputation, Zambrano isn’t a very attractive trade piece. But, the Yankees might be a team willing to pick up his contract in a salary dump deal. Some of the Yankees’ top evaluators have more interest in Ryan Dempster, who has $7.7 million remaining on his contract this year, as well as a $14 million player option for 2012. But, a deal for him is considered less likely.

(Source: MSNBC)

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Rick Barry Says All Of Lebron James’ Former Coaches Should Be Ashamed

The Dallas Mavericks were supposed to have a tougher time beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals than they did. While the Mavs celebrate, the Heat try to pick up the pieces and figure out what the hell went wrong. A team with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James isn’t supposed to go belly up in a best-of-seven series, four games to two. Now the team has to diagnose whatever problems caused them to lose.

With the loss came a long line of Heat critics. The latest one being former NBA player Rick Barry. He spoke with The Rise Guys on KHTK in Sacramento recently and said the Heat should have swept the Mavs and that all of Lebron’s coaches should be ashamed for not teaching him proper fundamentals. During the interview Barry also pointed out several holes he sees in Lebron’s game.

His shot, first and foremost, because I think that’s where it all comes down to. If you don’t have confidence in your shot, it destroys the rest of your game. First of all the opponents can play you in a certain way, then back you out and take the drive away and say ‘there’ beat them with outside shooting. That’s his achilles’ heel. Then, little nuances, facing up, learning how to be the guy learning to use your first dribble to go by instead of everything off the dribble…learning how to use screens probably, then of course the coach running more plays for him where he can run off double and triple staggered screens, learning to curl it properly, learning how to do the little things in the game which, unfortunately, have not been taught to him, which I don’t blame him for. I blame the people who have coached him over the years. To have a talent like this and to not maximize the full potential of this talent is inexcusable and reprehensible to me and the coaches who have had him should be ashamed of themselves.
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'Miami Herald' runs Macy's ad congratulating Heat on NBA title win

It’s not quite "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN", but the Miami Herald ran an ad in

CAPTIONScreengrab courtesy of miaminewtimes.comMonday morning’s edition on Page 11D congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA title. The ad, from retail giant Macy’s, also has pictures of available championship hats and T-shirts.

That would be a great idea if the Mavericks didn’t clinch the NBA title Sunday night with a 105-95 victory in Miami.

Tim Elfrink of The Miami New Times, already in enough pain it appears, explains that the ad ran on the same page as a story about the series with the headline “Heat just never got the point during Finals loss to more-organized Mavs” and a banner that reads “DALLAS WINS BEST-OF-7 SERIES 4-2.”

Compounding the error, even if the Heat had won Game 6 on Sunday night they wouldn’t have won the title. Instead, they would have forced a Game 7 that would have been played Tuesday night.

In a short statement on its website Monday, theHerald acknowledged its mistake saying, “We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Later Monday, Elfrink spoke to Elissa Vanaver, the Herald’s vice president for human resources. She called the mistake a"production error." She offered more on the incident.

"We weren’t going to sit and wait around for Game 7 to decide how to advertise something like this," she says. "That ad was in the system for the eventuality that the Heat ended up winning the title."

"We’re apologizing to readers and advertisers about the mistake," she says. "I’m not sure what else there is to say about it."

Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution illustrated other examples where this happened, noting that the Heraldmade a similar mistake in January 1999. A headline advertising a Super Bowl special section read, “Denver Broncos vs. Minnesota Vikings, 6:25 P.M. Tonight.” The Broncos actually beat the Atlanta Falcons in that game (Super Bowl XXXIII).

(Source: USA Today)

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Indians 1, Yankees 0: Derek Jeter Injured In Defeat

The New York Yankees lost to the Cleveland Indians, 1-0, Monday night — a loss that hurt because of several missed scoring opportunities early in the game. Watching shortstopDerek Jeter leave the game in the fifth inning with a strained right calf made the loss hurt even more.

Jeter singled in the first inning for the 2,994th hit of his career, six away from becoming the first Yankee to amass 3,000 hits. He left the game after hobbling to first base after hitting a fly ball in the fifth inning. Early reports indicated uncertainty as to whether or not Jeter would be able to play Tuesday night when the Yankees host the Texas Rangers. The hope has been that the Yankee Captain would reach the 3,000-hit plateau during the current homestand, which has just three games remaining. Missing even one game will, obviously, make that much more difficult.

As for the game, Yankee starter A.J. Burnett (6-5) was as good as he has been all season. He allowed just one run in 7.2 innings, striking out eight. Cleveland starter Carlos Carrasco(6-3) was better, however, shutting out the Yankees for seven innings as the Indians avoided being swept in the four-game series.

Cleveland’s only run came when Michael Brantley tripled, a ball a diving Nick Swishernearly caught, and scored on an Asdrubal Cabrera single.

The Yankees had several opportunities early in the game, but after scoring 24 runs in the first three games of the series could not take advantage. They loaded the bases with nobody out in the first inning. But Alex Rodriguez flied out, Robinson Cano struck out and Nick Swisher grounded out to short to end the threat. The Yankees put their first two runners on in the second inning, but again failed to score. In the third inning, two more base runners reached, only to be stranded.

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Bruins’ stirring win nets Game 7

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Mavericks win 1st NBA crown, handle Heat and prolong LeBron’s wait for ring

 For Dirk Nowitzki, the resume is complete. He’s an NBA champion.

For LeBron James, the agonizing wait continues for at least one more year.

A season that began with Miami celebrating the signings of James,Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — along with the promise of championships — ended on the very same floor, with the Dallas Mavericks hoisting the title trophy for the first time in their franchise history after beating the Heat 105-95 on Sunday night. The Mavericks won four of the series’ last five games, a turnabout that could not have been sweeter.

"I really still can’t believe it," said Nowitzki, who had 21 points and took home Finals MVP honors.

He and Jason Terry, who led the Mavs with 27 points, were the two remaining players from the Dallas team that lost to Miami in the 2006 Finals.

"Tonight," Terry said, "we got vindication."

James did not. Not even close, and a year unlike any other ended they way they all have so far — with him still waiting for an NBA title.

He scored 21 points for Miami, shook a few hands afterward, and departed before most of the Mavs tugged on their championship hats and T-shirts. Bosh had 19, Mario Chalmers 18 and Wade 17 for the Heat.

"We worked so hard and so long for it," Nowitzki said. "The team has had an unbelievable ride."

So did the Heat. Unlike Dallas, theirs wasn’t a joyride.

"It goes without saying," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "You’re never really prepared for a moment like this. … Neither team deserved this championship more than the other, but Dallas earned it."

Make no mistake: Miami lost the Finals, but the blame will be directed at James. Even he knew that after the way he left Cleveland with “The Decision” and all the animus that generated not just in Ohio but around the entire league, the only way he could silence some critics was with a title.

"It doesn’t weigh on me," James said. "At all."

Still, he got even more criticism — and a thinly veiled jab from his former owner with the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, who reveled in the moment on Twitter.

"Mavs NEVER stopped & now entire franchise gets rings," Gilbert wrote. "Old Lesson for all: There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE."

And the winning owner, Mark Cuban, took what may be perceived as a jab as well: “I could care less about the Heat,” he said.

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle joined a highly elite group, those with NBA titles as both a player and a head coach. Only 10 other men are on that list, including the presumably retired-for-good Phil Jackson, one of Carlisle’s mentors in K.C. Jones, and Heat President Pat Riley — who led Miami past Dallas in 2006, and was the mastermind of what the Heat did last summer by getting James, Wade and Bosh on the same team with an eye on becoming a dynasty.

It might still happen, of course.

But even after 72 wins this season, including playoffs, the Heat lost the last game. And that means this year was a disappointment — except to just about everyone else in the NBA, or so it would seem.

"This is a true team," Carlisle said. "This is an old bunch. We don’t run fast or jump high. These guys had each other’s backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas."

Hating the Heat became the NBA’s craze this season, and the team knew it had no shortage of critics, everyone from Cleveland (where “Cavs for Mavs” shirts were popular during these Finals) to Chicago (the city James and Wade both flirted with last summer) and just about every place in between lining up to take shots at Miami.

"We could feel it," Carlisle said, noting he was repeatedly told during the Finals that "billions" of people wanted to see Dallas topple Miami.

Given their newfound popularity, meet the new America’s Team.

Sorry, Cowboys — your long-held moniker might have to be ceded to your city’s NBA club. When it was over, Cuban ran onto the court to hug Carlisle, then punched the air and whooped.

"I’m so happy for him. I’m so happy for Dirk," Carlisle said.

Carlisle said Riley came down to congratulate the Mavericks after the game, showing “unbelievable class.” Nowitzki and Wade exchanged texts at night’s end, after Wade couldn’t find him during the on-court celebration to shake his hand.

"Their time will come," Carlisle said. "But now, it’s our time."

When the Mavericks took a 2-0 lead in Dallas during the ‘06 Finals, plans for their victory parade were announced. The Mavs didn’t win another game in that series.

Now, that parade will finally happen. And when it’s over, then the league’s uncertainty will truly begin. Labor strife likely awaits, and although more talks geared toward movement on a new deal are scheduled for this week, both owners and players are bracing for a lockout to begin once the current collective bargaining agreement expires June 30.

Late Sunday night, the CBA was the last thing on the mind of the new champions of the NBA, whom Carlisle called “the most special team I’ve ever been around.”

Jason Kidd, at 38 years old, got his first championship. Nowitzki got his at 32, Terry at 33. They were featured on the video screen in their building in Dallas during this series on what seemed like a constant loop, each posing with the NBA trophy and looking longingly at it, standing mere inches from it, as if to say “so close, yet so far away.”

No more.

It’s theirs. And for the second time, James went to the Finals, only to see the other team celebrate. San Antonio won in Cleveland in 2007, and four years later, he saw the Mavs party on his new floor.

"It was a failure in ‘07 when we lost to the Spurs when I was in Cleveland," James said. "It’s a failure now."

Nowitzki sealed it with 2:27 left, hitting a jumper near the Miami bench to put Dallas up 99-89, and some fans actually began leaving. Nowitzki walked to the Mavs’ side slowly, right fist clenched and aloft.

He knew it. Everyone did.

"We feel it," Wade said. "We’ll feel it even more tomorrow."

Spoelstra implored his team to foul in the final minute, and even then, they couldn’t catch the Mavericks.

"All I remember is telling those guys that they deserved it," Bosh said. "Hands down, they were the better team in this series. … All we can do is just admit it and move forward."

What happens with the next deal may affect the Heat more than anyone. Some owners will insist on a hard cap, rolled-back salaries and, potentially, trying to bust some current deals — which could break up the Big 3 before get another chance to win a title together.

A gloomy end to the season may bring an even gloomier offseason for Miami.

"Every situation has felt like it was an our-back-against-the-wall situation," James said Sunday morning, hours before Game 6 began. "We’ve been able to figure it out and find our way through and scratch our way through. This is the last test. This is the last pop quiz for us that we need to pass in order to make it all worth it."

They didn’t pass.

So therefore, it wasn’t all worth it.

"We give credit to the Dallas Mavericks," Wade said. "They’re a helluva team. … We ran into a team that at this time is obviously better than us."

Miami had chances to take command and wasted them all. The Heat missed 13 of their 33 free throws, let the Mavericks score 27 points off turnovers and simply could not get a rebound in the final minutes.

Nowitzki finished 9 for 27, and the Mavs still won. He was 1 for 12 in the first half, and they were still ahead, 53-51, thanks largely to Terry’s 19 points on 8-of-10 shooting.

"Was he unbelievable tonight or what?" marveled Nowitzki.

Down the stretch, Terry made another contribution. He grabbed Nowitzki during a time-out, telling him, “Remember ‘06.” The final minutes belonged to Dirk and the Mavs, and a few German flags waved in Miami’s arena during the postgame celebration.

"This feeling, to be on the best team in the world, it’s just undescribable," Nowitzki said.

After James got off to such a fast start, he had two points in the final 19-plus minutes of the half.

James didn’t score in the second half until a layup with 1:49 remained in the third — his first field-goal attempt since 1:05 remained in the half. Kidd made a 3-pointer late in the period, pushing the Dallas lead to 79-71, and it seemed like the only people standing in the arena were the players, referees, Cuban and a few guys around the Dallas bench.

Dallas took control in the second half after some wild back-and-forths in the opening two quarters. Miami took its last lead of the game — the season — just 64 seconds into the second half, lost it 16 seconds later and chased the Mavericks the rest of the way.

They never caught them.

"I can’t believe the journey," said Kidd, who lost two previous Finals trips with the New Jersey Nets. “The journey, the character of my teammates telling me they wanted to get me a championship. Tonight they came out and played well. I came here twice, this being my third time so third time was the lucky charm.”

It was 81-72 entering the fourth, after Ian Mahinmi made a foul-line jumper as time expired in the third, just his third basket of the entire series.

None were bigger. The Mavs could taste a title.

"We had no champions on this team," Mavs center Tyson Chandler said. “And we walked away with a team full of champions.”

Of the principal characters from the 2006 series, only Cuban, Nowitzki and Terry remain from the Mavericks’ side, and for them, the beginning of this championship celebration seemed sweeter than even they could have imagined. Terry won’t have to get his tattoo — the one of the NBA championship trophy — removed, which he vowed to have done if Miami won this series. Nowitzki will never be in the conversation of ‘Best player without a title’ again.

James is clearly the one with that most-unwanted label now.

As the night wore on, the smell of champagne permeated from the Dallas locker room, while Miami’s was cleaned and vacuumed quickly, towels picked up, shower shoes stacked neatly before each player’s locker. Nearby, in the team’s usual postgame interview room, the Mavericks posed with the championship trophy, whooping in joy as Miami players filed out in stunned disbelief.

The offseason started earlier than the Heat ever imagined.

"The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s my time," James tweeted. "Right now isn’t the time."

(Source: ESPN MIAMI)

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Celtics Work Out Five Draft Prospects, Including Jeremiah Rivers, Son of Doc Rivers

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers proved he was staying in Boston for a while when he signed a five-year extension earlier this off-season. If all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, we may be seeing another Rivers in Boston very soon.

According to the Boston Globe, the Celtics had five players come in Saturday for workouts in preparation for the NBA Draft on June 24. Among those players was Doc’s son, Jeremiah Rivers.

Rivers, a senior at Indiana this year, finished with only 3.8 points and 3.0 rebounds per game, but it’s defense that the 6-foot-5 guard is known for. Rivers is going undrafted in most mock drafts, so it’s unlikely that the Celtics would take him with either their 25th or 55th overall picks. A team could likely take a chance on him as an undrafted free agent, though.

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Michael Vick Gives 1st Commencement Speech. Surprises 2 Students With $5,000 Scholarships

Michael Vick knows a lot about second chances. So it was fitting that he gave his first ever commencement speech at a high school for troubled teens.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s message was clear to the 450 graduating students fromCamelot Academy in Philadelphia. “I lost my freedom. I lost my money and I lost my family. All because of irrational decisions and using poor judgementThink before you speak, think before you act and think before you make decisions in life," Vick told them.

Camelot’s schools are either for over-age students who have fallen at least two grades behind or have dropped out, or for students who have been expelled for behavioral issues from other schools.

Vick surprised two of the students by giving them $5000 scholarships.

I was blessed and God gave me a second chance, the world gave me a second chance, the city of Philadelphia gave me a second chance,” Vick said. “That’s what this is all about. These kids had people around who believed in them and knew they could come out of their situations and make it a positive.”

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